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[Life] Gamernerd

Sob. It was probably a bad idea to pick up the Nintendo Power labeled "RPG Special". I want all of these. Phantasy Star Ø (a handheld semi-MMO? Seriously? Holy cow), the new Mario and Luigi RPG, Avalon Code (you get to edit the "code" of the enemies, people, and world around you), Sands of Destruction, lots and lots of Dragon Quests, Arc Rise Fantasia, a brand new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (not only online, but DS and Wii players can team up)... I don't have time to play the games I already own, stop throwing spectacular new ones at me DDD:

Had a bit of a rough start to the day; I managed to sleep an entire hour past when I was supposed to get up, and I got to work a half-hour late. (Had a weird dream about getting sent to a summer camp.) Fortunately early mornings are slow, although I certainly don't plan to make a habit of it. After work, I got the main tasks for the day (haircut and laundry) completed. I also picked up a new sketchbook while I was waiting for my haircut appointment. I was so exhausted after all of that, though, that I just came straight home and collapsed.

And now, off to bed with me, so that I hopefully don't oversleep a second time.
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