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[Thoughts] Some Random Things

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged.

Looking back, I've done memes similar to this one in August 2006 and January 2007. So! I shall endeavour to not repeat any items from those two posts.

1. I don't like tagging people, partly because I can never remember who has and hasn't been tagged already. Also, I'd probably end up tagging people who aren't my mutual friends, so they'd never see the tag.

2. I like to sing along to music I'm listening to, provided I can figure out/look up the lyrics. And when I'm at work and busy with busy work, I sometimes sing whatever songs I've been listening to lately. Quietly enough that no one can hear, though, of course.

3. Deep down in my heart, I believe that there's nothing in this universe that science won't eventually be able to explain and understand.

4. I fidget with my hands when I'm reading things on the computer, with whatever happens to be on the desk at the time. Recently it's been the 8-Bit Tarot cards I picked up (see yesterday's post) or my gold slinky.

5. I used to be a peripheral member of the furry fandom. (The innocent parts thereof; I was barely a teenager at the time.) My persona, thanks in part to the Sonic the Hedgehog comics, was an armadillo named Charlie. (Actually, he was originally half-chameleon, but I took that bit out once I realized how horribly Mary-Sue it was, and now I'm just embarrassed to remember it.) I'm still kinda fond of that character. Some day I'll find a place to use him.

6. I have a bad habit of forgetting to eat, lately, when I get distracted by something I'm working on. (Last night it was Warcraft; I was determined to finish this one frustrating quest.)

7. I've owned an electric guitar for years but never made the time to teach myself to play it. I swear I will some day. I've got songs in me that I need to get out there eventually.

8. One of my worst habits is my tendency to try to solve problems myself instead of asking for help. This has gotten me into more trouble over the course of my life than anything, possibly excepting my tendency to procrastinate.

9. When I find a new song or album that I really like, I will play it over and over again until I get sick of it and/or find something else new.

10. I've vowed to go through my entire life using as little credit and acquiring as little debt as is possible. Something in me recoils at the thought of spending money that isn't real and in my account.

11. My top three favorite things to combine with chocolate: 1) peanut butter. 2) mint. 3) cookie bits.

12. Back when I was first falling for Indigo, I posted my AIM screen name in this journal, because I wanted to chat with her but was too shy to send the first IM. Happily, she IMed me that very day.

13. I have so many ideas for stories and projects that I had to write a custom program in Visual Basic just to help me keep track of them all.

14. I don't have many body issues. I'm fairly happy with it and it generally does what I want it to, but I could wish for a bit less pudge around the belly and a bit more staying power. Some day (I keep using that phrase), I'd like to get an exercise routine going. Nothing drastic, just something to build my stamina a bit.

15. When I adjust my glasses, I usually do it by pushing the center up with my middle finger. I seem to have picked this habit up from when I roleplayed as Ishida from Bleach, who pushes his glasses up in that very way.

16. I want to inject a bit of eccentricity into my normal wardrobe, but I get self-conscious about wearing eccentric things in public. (Cons don't count, obviously.) So I'm at an impasse.
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