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[Life] More and Less Stuff

Well, although my freeze on personal spending continues, I'm still getting stuff in the mail. I think today's two items were the last, though. First off is the Child's Play benefit CD! I decided to pick it up after seeing that four artists I liked were on it, and it doesn't disappoint. All but one of the songs on it are really good (and have already entered rotation on my iPod). I think my favorite is "Game Store Girl", about a geek who has a crush on the titular game store girl but knows he needs to not be a creep about it.

The other package I received today contained the first four packs of the in-progress 8-Bit Tarot. I ran into this a while back... oh, I forget how. But I thought if I was ever going to have a deck of tarot cards, I wanted it to be a deck like this. So when I saw the artist was running low on the packs he'd made, I decided to go ahead and snap them up. This is, let's see, 52 cards so far out of a total... 78? Yes, that's right. So once the last two packs are finished, I'll have a full 8-bit deck.

As fun as it is to get new stuff, I'm becoming more determined to clear out some old stuff as well. On the third I mentioned I wanted to clean out my living room closet. Well, this weekend I plan to buckle down and do that. There's stuff in there that I'm never going to need or (honestly) even want. Some of it might even be worth eBaying, although I've never sold anything online before and am thus a bit hesitant.

That's all I really have to say for today. Spent the day at work and the night on WoW (my main alt is up to level 46 now). Before I go, a mental note for myself: I've been double tagged! (Does this mean I need to think of 32 things? |D) I'll fill out that meme tomorrow after work.
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