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[Life] Yet More Material Goods

Alright, I promised a post last night, and darn it, I'm going to deliver. So the story of Christmas goodies continues!

I picked up some items from with a gift card, and they came yesterday! Two books by two authors I loved when I was younger -- and still do: Patricia Wrede and Bruce Coville. And I also got a clear plastic case to protect my iPod from getting scratched up. It was really hard to clip together, but once I finally got it on, it looked perfect.

All of that I picked up from my mailbox during my lunch break at work. By that point, I'd decided I also wanted to pick up Chrono Trigger for myself. (Indigo had confirmed that it wasn't one of the gifts she's getting me.) So I checked the Sears near my workplace. No luck. Plenty of DS games in stock, but Chrono Trigger wasn't one of them. Radio Shack was a long shot, and sure enough, they didn't have it either. Then I stopped by a comic book store I know on the way home, but the owner told me all their video games had been lost or stolen during their move to a new location. Ouch. (That trip wasn't a total loss, though. I picked up the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck while I was there.)

So I came home, resigned to having to wait a week or two for Amazon to ship the game to me. I got the order set up, then on a whim checked to see how much next-day shipping would cost.

It was only five dollars more than regular shipping.

So, uh, long story short, now I have Chrono Trigger. I've already played as far as the first visit to the End of Time, and I'm enjoying it a lot, of course! Mmm, nostalgia. On the whole I like the new translation, but they changed Frog and Robo's distinctive speech patterns, and that kinda threw me off. (Frog just seems weird without his thee's and thou's!) (Also, it's amazing and a little sad how much of the old translation I have memorized and can thus compare to the new as I play.) I spent an hour or so with my DS, just curled up in my recliner with my Slanket wrapped around me. A pleasantly geeky way to spend an evening.

And now I'm officially putting a spending freeze in place, before I go buying myself any other gifts. Heck, my birthday is less than two months away. No more gifts to myself until after then. (Let's see if I manage to stick to this.)
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