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[Life] Happy Holidays 2008

Merry Christmas, everyone! Writing this from my mother's laptop in my parents' house, after a very pleasant Christmas Day. Got up around 8:30, had a nice breakfast, opened presents, and then in the evening my grandparents came over to have dinner with us. It's been a lovely day, and there was a beautiful fluffy white snowfall outside.

I'll go into detail on the Christmas presents I received later on, when I'm at home and can upload the photo I took (remembered the camera, forgot the USB cord. good job me). But the highlights:

* A 16 GB iPod Nano! My god, this thing is tiny. From the photos, I assumed it was about twice as big as it turned out to be. Amazing. It'll be a shame to retire the Shuffle that indigoskynet gave me all those years ago, but in recent months it's malfunctioned so that only about two thirds of the songs you load on it will actually play. Which is pretty annoying, when you only have half a gigabyte to work with in the first place.
* One of those sleeved blankets! I forget which brand of them it is; I'll check later.
* A few books, including Terry Pratchett's latest and a collection of ursulav's sketches.
* Lich of the War King War of the Lich King Warth sob, I can't type. Wrath of the Lich King! This one from my brother, who also gave me (shhh, this is technically against the rules) one of his high-level characters! So now I have a level 70 hunter to play with when I get home.
* A nice carry-on-sized suitcase! So I can finally give Indigo back the suitcase that I stole from her... must have been years ago, wow.

This'll probably be the only post I make while I'm on vacation. I'm staying down here with Mom and Dad until Sunday. After the Christmas party for Mom's family (which was rescheduled from last Sunday because Grandma came down with a nasty bug), my cousin and her husband will be taking me back up to Lansing. I'll probably be updating here and there on my Twitter account, though. (Which I've never linked on here before now, have I? Well, now I have.) Hope everyone has/has had a lovely Christmas and has/will have a happy new year.
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