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[Life] 5 Good Things for 2008-12-08 - Inventor's Log — LiveJournal
The Life, Times, Thoughts, and Works of a Creative Young Man
[Life] 5 Good Things for 2008-12-08
1. Got all my laundry done...
2. ...and put away, as well! Considering I've been known to leave clean laundry sitting around until it's time to do the dirty laundry again, this is quite an accomplishment.
3. Picked up a copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Woefully short (maybe I just read fast), but still a good read. Some of Dumbledore's comments cracked me up.
4. Also bought some of those energy-saving light bulbs. I had two regular light bulbs burn out on me in as many days last week, so I figure it's time to try something different. Haven't installed the new ones yet, but I'm going to soon.
5. Uh... Oh, yes! Had a bit of pizza left over from the frozen one I made last night for dinner.

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