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[Life] Eaten by Life

Current status report: Still not dead yet. I've promised my lovely indigoskynet an update, so here's how I'm doing in class:

Accounting: I've had a terrible habit all semester of leaving assignments until the last minute. And I had to arrange to take two of my tests late -- one because I missed the deadline, one because I wasn't ready by the deadline. But I'm doing alright in spite of that. The five tests that have been graded so far average to an 89.7%. One more test needs to be graded, then I take my final next week. I think I can manage a 3.5 if I try hard enough. A 4.0 is mathematically possible, but I don't know how likely I'll be to manage it.

Business Law: This one I've been doing much better in. The four tests we've had, in order: tied for 3rd best in the class, tied for 1st, 2nd, 1st. Better yet, our teacher has an arrangement wherein you can miss or skip one of the five tests, and you receive a grade based on what you got for the other four. So I can (and will!) skip the final test that's coming up on Tuesday and still get a 4.0 overall.

I've been planning to get back into the habit of posting here (and on my Twitter account, as well). I know, nothing you haven't heard before. But I'm going to give it a shot, at least. To that end, how about we revisit an old classic, Five Good Things?

1. Took the sixth exam for accounting, and did fairly well, near as I can tell.
2. Finally made myself write and send an e-mail I'd been procrastinating on for far too long.
3. Got several bills paid off.
4. Purchased a Christmas gift for my mother.
5. My brother's having issues with his World of Warcraft account, so he's playing on my account instead and helping me level a character I was stalled on. (Mind you, all my alts count as "stalled", being as my account has been idled for months.)
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