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[Life] Very Classy

God, I can't believe September's almost over already. Rather than do a huge catch-up-on-every-little-thing post (I wouldn't be able to remember every little thing anyway), I'll just address the biggest change: I'm back in school! Aiming this time for a two-year degree in accounting. Programming has proven to be better for me as a hobby than a job (dammit, I will finish that site commission soon, I swear), and math comes easily enough to me that I thought accounting would be a good fit. Plus, as my mom says, every company needs some sort of accounting done, right?

I'm taking two courses right now, to ease my way back into the swing of things: Principles of Accounting I and Business Law I. They're both really interesting so far! I'd been hoping to get into online classes, but because I signed up right before the deadline, they were all full. But I got the next best thing for the accounting course -- it's a "self-paced" section. I got a worksheet with all the reading assignments, questions to be done, and deadlines for tests, and it's up to me to get it done on my own time. The legal class is a more normal sort of class, meeting every Tuesday night from 6 to 9.

So that's what's taken up most of my time lately. Doing pretty well so far; I got 95.5% on my first test in the accounting course, and while I haven't gotten a grade for the second test yet, I feel like I did just as well on it. The first test in law didn't go as well, I think, but I'll redouble my efforts for the rest of them.

I don't know how to end this post, so here's a picture I made tonight.

Kipp: i challenge you to photoshop a picture of yourself riding a whale
Shay: ...hahahahaha

And so I did.
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