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[Thoughts] Totally Random

At work today, I came upon a book whose UPC wasn't in the computer system. Over the course of getting it put in, I happened to glance at the description of it on the back. It was a supernatural romance with an extremely overwrought summary and some generic Romance-Novel-Mad-Libs title. But the word choice in the summary caught my attention. The romance was apparently between a male demon and a female half-human/half... something, it didn't specify. But the term it used for the woman was... "halfling". So being as familiar with Dungeons and Dragons as I am, all I can picture is this impossibly handsome demon guy romancing a woman who's three or four feet tall... and you know, I would read a romance novel like that.

This has been your Silly Post of the Day, brought to you by truebluespark. Thank you for reading.
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