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Let's start on a lighter note. A campus bus I rode on a day or two ago had some hilarious messages playing on the speakers. "Please remember your belongings as you leave," the soothing male voice entreats us. I wanted to respond, "Oh, thanks for the hot tip! If you hadn't told me, I'd have left my backpack and my pants behind! I don't know what I'd do without you, fountain of all knowledge!" It just set off my sarcasm gland. Another message reminded us not to use obscene language on the bus. Um... I was previously unaware that this was a serious problem.

Reinstalling Windows was surprisingly easy this time around. A few CDs that came with my tablet PC wiped the hard drive and put Windows on with no need for me to mess with it. Haven't gotten much reinstalled yet; I figure I'll get to that when I need it.

Tonight was the first anime club meeting of the semester! It was fun. Since we finished the Mugenjou story arc in GetBackers last year, we finally decided on Full Moon wo Sagashite to replace it in the line-up. We're still watching Naruto, Wolf's Rain, Tenshi na Konamaiki, and Scrapped Princess. And my officer's pick is next week! I'm bringing in my Big O DVD that I got for Christmas. (Oh, did I ever mention that I'm anime club treasurer? *grin* They trust me enough to give me the money. I'm honored, truly.)

I got a package from aishuu in the mail! Big box o' manga! *glee* Heh, there's a torn spot on the side of the box, right next to the words "Handle With Care". I'm going to have fun looking at these, I can tell. Some of 'em (Ranma, Inuyasha) I planned to buy later, but some (Yu-Gi-Oh, Fushigi Yuugi) I wouldn't have gotten if she hadn't offered them. 20 volumes of various series for the price of shipping; that works out to less than a dollar a book. Am happy.

I'm going to get some film developed tomorrow. I've got three rolls that date back to Anime Central 2003 (yes, seven or eight months ago). Once I've done that, I'll scan photos of myself cosplaying and show them off here. I've already begun the design process for my upcoming costumes. I'm thinking Maximilian and Ari from a pair of PS2 games.

Some guy has called me twice tonight asking if I paged him (which I, uh, didn't, seeing as I've never met him). Utterly bizarre.

Mmh, looking at this list, I'm uncertain how interesting I'm being. Ah, well. If nothing else I'll be able to look back and remember what I was doing in January 2004.

I got a letter from the health center tonight informing me that I will be referred to a collection agency if I don't give them their 12 bucks. I was going to mail them a check! Sheesh! Anyway, I'm going over there tomorrow morning to pay it off in person. The letter ends with, "THIS IS THE FINAL CORRESPONDENCE YOU WILL RECEIVE BEFORE FURTHER ACTION IS TAKEN." Like I wouldn't understand the gravity of the situation if they didn't put it in all-caps like that.

And I'm spent. G'night.

Tasks Completed 1/14:

[Chores] Buy more soap and shampoo
[Chores] Cash refund check
[Chores] Finish off roll of film in camera
[Chores] Mail a couple more things that need mailing
[LiveJournal] Pay aishuu for shipping on package
[Social] E-mail Ethan
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