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[Times] Recent Months

I suppose saying "it's been a while" would be a bit of an understatement, huh? Oh, well. I've been meaning to get everyone caught up with what's been going on with me, and finally I'm getting around to writing it out. This'll also be good for me; as I arrange this stuff here, I'm arranging it in my own head as well.

This post got longer than I expected, so here's a summary of what's under the cut:

* Work and Finances: good, though I need to buckle down on a web site commission.
* Gaming: I love my new Wii. Friend codes enclosed!
* Roleplaying: none lately, but prospects improving.
* MMORPGs: getting back into City of Heroes lately.
* Procrastination: an interesting new book is going to help me out.


* Work and Finances

Work has been going adequately. The full-time schedule continues to be mostly good, although I do still have rough days. And money-wise I'm doing well. I've got a little under $1200 in my savings account right now, and once my stimulus comes (which should be within a week and a half -- I wanted it direct-deposited, but apparently that didn't pan out), that'll jump up to $1500. I have some holiday pay coming in my next check, too, thanks to working on Memorial Day last week.

I think my next large purchase is going to be a new bike. The one I've got is serviceable, but it's a mountain bike and not really suited to sidewalks and streets. Plus it's, well, cheap. I got it for something like $70 at a Target. (I welcome suggestions/advice on bike brands!) I also really want to try out a pair of these shoes. I've seen a couple of articles about them here and there. Frankly, anything that means less foot/leg soreness sounds good to me.

Also, in my spare time, I've been working on new code for ceruleanst's webcomic, Absurd Notions. It's coming along well -- the background administration pages are complete, and all that really needs to be done is the navigation. (Caching of pages would be good to have too, but I'll need to do some research before I'll be able to manage it.) Unfortunately, that last bit of work is going a lot slower than I expected/wanted it to -- as in literally weeks longer. A case of coder's block, you might say? I'm quite frustrated with myself, needless to say. A good portion of the navigation code I have needs to be overhauled, which doesn't help. But tomorrow I'm going to tackle it again, and make at least some new progress.


* Gaming

I picked up a new gaming console in mid-April! After wanting one for ages, I finally possess a Wii. After hearing about the Strong Bad game that would be coming out, I decided I needed to finally buckle down and try to get my hands on one. So I followed this Wii Tracker for a few days, and finally a Toys-R-Us bundle popped up long enough for me to snag it!

I've been enjoying it immensely. Super Paper Mario has seen a lot of playtime, and I've played a little way into Okami, Mario Galaxy, and Smash Brothers Brawl. What I've been playing most lately, though, is the Virtual Console games. I have Zelda 1, 2, and Ocarina, plus Paper Mario, Mario 64, and Super Metroid. Some of my favorite old classics!

Since I know a few people on my FL also have Wiis, I'm recording my various friend codes below. If anyone's interesting in playing a game now and then, let me know!

Wii friend code: 3230 3497 4090 8103
Smash Brothers Brawl: 4983 5725 6117
Dr. Mario Online Rx: 7418 6649 2864


* Roleplaying

I've been having some trouble with my roleplaying in CFUD lately. I officially went on hiatus last week, though, and I think that's helped. I don't have to feel guilty that I'm not managing to play, because I've set the game aside until I feel better. But I've been missing the RP, so hopefully soon I'll be ready to get back into it.

I've also found myself missing GateMUSH lately, what with posts from shadrad and others about the fun RP they've been having. I've logged in as a Guest a couple times in the last week and looked around a bit. I think I'm going to app again there soon and see if I can get back into MUSHing. Not as any of my old alts, though -- at least not yet. I do like the idea of reapping Ishida, but I want to try a new character first, to make sure I can manage it. (I also have to figure out an excuse for what the heck Ishida has been up to before I reapp him.) Right now I'm leaning toward... probably Naruto? Which is quite a change from Ishida, but heck, a full-on shounen retard would just be fun. I still fondly remember my time playing Ranma there.



MMOs are never a huge part of my life. I started a silly nerdcore song about them once; maybe someday I'll actually finish and perform it. But the short of it: I don't manage to devote as much time to them as the people I'd like to play with regularly do. So a game's got to have enjoyable soloing for me to have any interest in it. World of Warcraft I played again for a while a couple months ago, after my brother gave me a time card for my birthday. I enjoy it when I can play with him, but I'm kinda stalled with most of my characters, so I let the account idle. I gave EVE Online a shot a while ago, too -- bzarcher posted about it, and I'd always been curious so I thought what the heck -- but sadly, it didn't really click.

But City of Heroes had one of their reactivation weekends a week ago, and playing around a bit got me remembering how much I liked it. I've started a new character, another representation of the Protector -- this time Martial Arts and the new powerset Willpower, which is much more fitting to his concept than the Regeneration the old Protector character has. After the weekend finished, I went ahead and renewed the account for a month, and I've pretty much been playing him exclusively since. Just a mission or two at a time, nothing huge, but it's been fun.


* Procrastination

Just about anyone who knows me knows that procrastination is a big problem for me. Really, I can probably trace everything I dislike about my life back to it. That... sounds kind of overdramatic, but you get the point. Anyway, the_gneech recently linked to a book review by calico_reaction -- about a book called "The Now Habit". She praised it so highly that I thought it was surely worth a look (especially at just $10.50 on Amazon).

Sure enough, I've found it an excellent read. The author takes a really positive approach to overcoming procrastination, specifically citing advice like "just try harder" and "you could do it if you weren't so lazy" as negative and unhelpful. He shows a lot of faith in human nature, and speaking as an eternally optimistic soul, I like that. I think the program in this book is going to help me a lot, and I definitely recommend it just as highly as calico_reaction does.


And that's the past few months for me, basically. (Though I'm sure there's something I've forgotten.) All in all, things are going well. I had a bit of a drop in mood through much of the past week or two, but I've come out of it pretty solidly.

On to bed. Have a nice night, everyone. ^_^
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