True Blue Spark (truebluespark) wrote,
True Blue Spark

Whew, I'm tired. Just a quick post as I promised the love of my life, before I hit the hay and prepare for work in the morning. This weekend, I've been:

* Playing with my PS2. I've gotten in a lot of FF12, a bit of FF10, a little Dark Cloud 2, and I started Shadow of the Colossus (which Mom and Dad got me for my birthday). Colossus is definitely going to take some work to get used to. I'm having a lot of fun with FF12, though Quickenings have me a bit confused, and I definitely need to level up before I head to the next area.
* Roleplaying. My main alt in campfuckudie reached his 1-year mark today, so I had camp throw him a party. And I had three other characters out at various times during the day. Considering how I sometimes go weeks at a time without playing, this is a definite improvement.
* Cleaning. I got all my clothes put away and my dirty ones ready for laundry tomorrow, and I also washed up the dishes and got the kitchen looking presentable again.

Not bad, all told. Still fighting off a rotten cough/cold/flu/whatever bug, but it's slowly improving.

So what did you guys spend your weekends doing?
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