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[Life] On Surprise Visits

Whew. Very tired, but I promised indigoskynet I'd post before bed, so here goes. For those of you who aren't on my girlfriend's friends list, I thought I'd share the events of this recent weekend.

It all started Thursday. I woke up sick and had a terrible day at work, so when I finally made it back home, I was planning to collapse, do nothing all evening, and forget it was even Valentine's Day. But when I got up the stairs to my doorstep, I found a gift bag sitting there, clearly from Indigo. I chuckled to myself at her thoughtfulness and got ready to pick it up -- when I heard a voice from behind me. "Hi there!"

I am told that the expression on my face as I spun around was a joy to behold.

That's right, my lovely girlfriend flew up from Atlanta to spend the Valentine's weekend with me. ♥ She'd apparently been planning this since after Christmas, and I don't mind telling you that I didn't suspect a thing. Not for an instant. It was such a wonderful surprise.

Unfortunately, I was still sick, and I still had to go in to work that Friday. But other than those little things, the weekend went wonderfully. We had pizza, played video games (mostly FF12), met up with reynai, played Fluxx and Munchkin, watched The Spiderwick Chronicles, gave each other gifts... And Indi even got to stay an extra day when her Sunday flight was canceled. *chuckle*

But anyway, she's home now, and it's back to normal around here. Aside from my birthday being tomorrow, that is. It was great to have her here, though, even if it was a shorter visit than usual.
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