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[Thoughts] Come to Me Sweetly

Been a while again! Sorry about that. First, a pair of quizzes I took the other day. (Not cut since they're fairly small images, but if they bug you, poke me and I'll be happy to cut them after all.)

Haha, a few months ago I'd have said the time-of-day one was completely off. But since the new work schedule, I've been getting up at around 5:45 on a daily basis... and it's not even very hard to do any more. It's really nice to have a consistent schedule. And really nice to have weekends off! Today I've mostly A) played video games, B) downloaded some music I was still missing from that old hard drive crash, and C) listened not to the music I was downloading, but to a certain brilliant CD.

You see, a while ago cadhla held a very silly contest, related to her album Stars Fall Home. The challenge was this: make up a LOLcat caption related to one of the songs on the album. I thought of one that was fairly funny, but I happened to have a bit of extra time before work, so I went one more step -- I sought out an appropriate picture and actually captioned it. Much to my surprise, Seanan found my entry entertaining enough to award me a "Graphic Awesome Award" and (this is where I squealed with glee) a free copy of Stars Fall Home! Fast forward (past a good bit of time, and embarrassing awkwardness on my part) to last Friday, when the CD arrived in my mailbox. I brought it home, popped it into the CD drive for MP3-ifying, and have been listening basically constantly ever since.

It's a really beautiful CD, from beginning to end. (Most of the time on a music CD, there's at least a song or two I'm not fond of. Not so here -- even the songs that don't grab me are still nice to listen to.) One of my favorites is "Follow Me Down" -- really catchy with a great drum beat, and I can't stop myself from singing along to it. I think it was a perfect choice to begin the CD. Next is "Dorothy", about a comic book series that sounds really interesting, and "Evil Laugh". Even if I didn't know Firefly, this song would be hilarious, but I do, and it's priceless. (I can't help imagining my superhero character Justin [himself a Firefly fan] singing it to himself as he works on his motorcycle.)

And then there's "Sycamore Tree", which has long been a favorite song of mine. My lovely girlfriend Indigo sent me the live version of "Sycamore Tree", way back before Pretty Little Dead Girl had even been released (looking in my compulsively-kept chat log -- thank you Trillian -- I see it was November 2005). That was my first exposure to Seanan's music, and I found it absolutely lovely. It took a listen or two to get used to the SFH version, accustomed as I was to the PLDG version, but it's every bit as lovely.

So that's my review of Stars Fall Home. Definitely consider this a high recommendation. ^_^ Well, I'm off to do a tiny bit of video gaming before bed. Tomorrow I'll try to write up a bit of what's been going on in the last few weeks.
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