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[Thoughts] An Old Job Meme

Looking through some old text files just now, I came upon an old list from a meme I took several months ago. Anyone remember that one with the questions that told you what jobs would be best, the one that turned out to accidentally involve a borrowed user account? I took it before I found out about the account bit and only just found the saved results again. So I might as well share it. (The ones that appeal to me the most are bolded.)

 1. Data Entry Clerk
 2. Administrative Assistant
 3. Bank Teller
 4. Archivist
 5. Computer Network Specialist
 6. Health Records Professional
 7. Film Processor
 8. Web Developer
 9. Astronomer
10. Film Editor
11. Artist
12. Engineering Tech
13. Video Game Developer
14. Model Maker
15. Insurance Underwriter
16. Stenographer
17. Electrical Engineer
18. Appraiser
19. Power Plant Operator
20. Mechanical Engineering Tech
21. Meteorologist
22. Webmaster
23. Computer Support Person
24. Physicist
25. Computer Engineer
26. Fashion Designer
27. Money Manager
28. Stationary Engineer
29. Survey Tech
30. Special Effects Technician
31. Mechanical Engineer
32. Water Treatment Plant Operator
33. Materials / Metallurgical Engineer
34. Camera Operator
35. Bookkeeper
36. Optical / Ophthalmic Lab Technician
37. Database Developer
38. Multimedia Developer
39. Costume Designer
40. Editor
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