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[Life] Nothing to Say

It's been one of those weeks, unfortunately. I've been in a lousy mood on and off due to my consistent failure to get anything done. Nothing new. Haven't written anything, original or fan-work, and neither my sketchbook nor my web site have been touched in months. I apped a new character at CFUD before Christmas, for god's sake, and I haven't even finished his LJ icons, much less played him at all. (How much I fail at RP in general could fill a post alone; I've dropped out of two MUSHes since this time last year.) All I've been doing is a) working and b) slacking when not at work.

There are some good things to report, though. Last weekend, I was offered a new position within my current place of employment. Whereas I was once a part-time cashier/bagger (whichever they needed on any given day) with a wildly variant schedule from week to week, I will now be a full-time bagger with the same hours every day and the same days every week! The change doesn't come with a pay raise (of course), but I do get health insurance, higher holiday pay, a guaranteed 40 hours a week, and WEEKENDS OFF [insert triumphant chord]. Biggest disadvantage? I'm going to have to get used to waking at 5:30, since the shift is 7 to 3:30 each weekday.

I was hesitant to take the position at first, but talking it over with Indigo and with Mom helped. (Mom pointed out that with how much I complain about my job now, could a change really be any worse?) So I'll be starting that shift on Monday. Hopefully it'll work out well.

Oh, and in gaming news, I successfully completed Psychonauts! It's going right into my list of favorite games of all time. ♥ (Plus I have a fanfic idea rolling around in my head.) (Hey, there's an interesting idea for a future post. Favorite games of all time. Mental note goes here.) I also beat Episode 5 of Sam and Max Season One. Oh, man, the final section had me in stitches.

And I can't think of a good way to close this post. So, uh. *bed*
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