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[Times] Christmas 2007

Whew. It's a good thing I didn't have any important plans for the evening, because I wouldn't have followed through on any of them. As soon as I got home from work, I started playing Psychonauts again. What was it I said last post? "I distinctly remember Psychonauts being more difficult the last time..." HA. That game is frustrating in places! But it's a lot of fun, even so. And oh man, some of the settings... I just finished Lungfishopolis, where you become a giant rampaging around a tiny city populated by -- yes -- lungfish. And I think my next stop is the heralded Milkman Conspiracy level, of which I have heard much.

So anyway! It's time to talk about Christmas! For two main reasons, this was the best Christmas I think I've ever had. First of all, I was able to spend it with my beautiful indigoskynet. We had a great time all week long, watching romantic movies, playing games with jennilee_rose and 26376, and attending not one -- not two -- but three family get-togethers! Christmas is a busy time in my family. My mom's side gathers a few days before the 25th, we visit my dad's mother and grandmother the evening of the 25th, and Christmas morning itself is reserved for me, Mom, Dad, and brother Kipp. And this year, happily, Indigo too.

The second reason this was such a great Christmas... Well, the presents. Mom and Dad really outdid themselves. This was the first year I can remember where I was the one with presents left after everyone else had finished. So without further ado...

  • A huge Christmas basket full of food! Dad always puts them together at work to give to those who need it, and he had a couple left over for me and Kipp. It's going to be quite a while before I have to go grocery shopping.
  • Clothing! Lots of it. I got a few nice white T-shirts; two or three Hawaiian shirts; several pairs of jeans, khaki pants, and black slacks; two new belts; and even a really nice pair of gloves.
  • ThinkGeek stuff! There was the fold-up mini-tool, the wristwatch with a 2 gigabyte flash drive built into it, brushed steel gaming dice, a titanium spork, and stickers for giving faces to inanimate objects. I have already anthropomorphized my tablet, external hard drive, and iPod Shuffle. (Pictures forthcoming.)
  • Books! The second and third in Terry Pratchett's Johnny Maxwell trilogy, the first volume of ursulav's "Digger" (EDIT: this one was from Indi, actually), "Something Rotten" (Hamlet reimagined as a teen murder mystery), "Designing Virtual Worlds", and "How to Survive a Robot Uprising".
  • A new PlayStation 2! I've got lots of old PS1 and PS2 games I love, but since our old one died I haven't been able to play any of them. I'm still waiting on Kipp to deliver them to me (he's got all the games and my memory card), but once he does I'll have those to play through at my leisure.
  • A Wii A $300 Best Buy gift card, so I can get a Wii at my leisure. S-Seriously, when I put two game systems on my Christmas list I didn't expect to get both! I was kinda in shock there. It hasn't come into stock at the local BB yet, but I did use a little of the card (plus a $20 one I got from my uncle and aunt), to pick up Final Fantasy XII, one of the Ratchet and Clanks, and Sam & Max: Season One. Oh, lord, is this game hilarious. I'm most of the way through Episode Four (of six) already.
  • Speaking of gift cards, one to iTunes and one to World of Warcraft.
  • An extremely skinny wallet. This thing is about as thick when it's full as my old wallet was when it was empty.
  • Several handy items for around the apartment. Speakers for my computer (I've always just used headphones before), a brand new super-comfortable office chair, and a curtain rod and curtains for the living room! I tried to install them yesterday, but I don't have the proper tools -- it requires a drill and probably a powered screwdriver. I did manage to get the rusty, paint-covered old curtain attachments off the wall, though.
  • A couple of Nintendo DS games! New Super Mario Bros., Sonic Rush, and (from Indigo) Final Fantasy III.
  • "Stardust" on DVD! Such a wonderful movie. I picked up Neil Gaiman's original novel, and I can't decide which version I like better. They're both brilliant.
  • Six ten-use ride cards for the Lansing bus system! Considering I have to take the bus these days to get to work, they've already come in very handy.
  • EDIT: I knew I was forgetting something. A $30 gift certificate to PopCap Games! They were having a special -- $10 for each game -- so I ended up getting three with the certificate and three more with my own money. :D
  • And this was one of the sweetest gifts. Mom wrote a poem (maybe I'll transcribe it later to share) to tell me that the next time I want to fly down to see Indigo, they'll pay for a ticket out of Lansing so I don't have to do the bus-to-Flint routine I always do. Indigo was particularly struck by the generosity and kindness -- and it's hard to doubt that Mom and Dad approve of us after seeing that. ♥
  • Finally, there was some cash stuck inside one of the books I got. $260, if I recall right.

Whew! I still might be forgetting some items. I gave almost as good as I got, though. It was so much fun to see Mom and Dad and Kipp and Indigo open the things I got them. I had enough money this year to get several really interesting things -- like the really nice compartmented ornament case for Mom.

All in all, like I said, best Christmas ever. As belated as the wish is, I hope everyone else had good holidays too. ^_^()
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