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[Life] 2/366

Not sure what I feel like writing about tonight. I do want to compile my Christmas gift list as I've done the past two years, but that requires more time than I have tonight. (Relatively early work shift tomorrow, so I need to hit the hay before long.) So I suppose a quick summary of the first days of 2008 will suffice.

The first was fairly pleasant, although it started out rough. There was a fresh falling of snow in the morning, and because it was New Year's, the buses weren't running. So I had to ride my bike to work and back. Blech. But once I was there, work was fine. Things were very slow for the first few hours, and even after it picked up, nothing really happened to stress me out.

Today, happily, was a day off, and mainly I spent it playing games. Various PopCap ones, and then I cued up Psychonauts and got a couple hours into it. I think my skill's improved; I distinctly remember Psychonauts being more difficult the last time I played it. But I also found time to do the dishes and pick up in the living room, so my apartment's staying clean, rather than just being clean for a day and then deteriorating. I'm quite proud of myself for that. (I tend to get guilty about not accomplishing things on my days off, which is probably not all that good for me. But a bit of accomplishment is always a plus.)

Well, off to bed with me. But before I go: Happy birthday to billfl and maychan! Hope you both had a lovely day.
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