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Resolved: To Freakin' Get Something Done

Well, I'm back up at MSU for another semester! My first day of classes went smoothly enough. Got all the books I need, a chance to talk to an advisor at the Honors College, and a plan for the year.

In tonight's post, I'm going to talk about my New Year's resolution (do you capitalize "New Year" in that phrase?) -- yes, there's only one. My main complaint about 2003 was that I didn't feel like I accomplished anything. So my resolution is simple: to accomplish at least five things every day. They might be small things like balancing my checkbook or big things like completing a chapter of one of my fanfics, but I'll do at least five things a day from now until December 31.

And I'll keep everyone posted here on the LJ, so you can make sure I'm following through. ^_^

Well, I gots to go. I'm keeping to a strict sleeping schedule to ensure I make it to class on time. Later!

Tasks Completed 1/12:

[Chores] Balance checkbook
[Chores] Finish unpacking stuff on bed
[Computer Stuff] Back up files
[LiveJournal] Quick catch-up post
[School Work] JPN: buy course pack
[School Work] JPN: CP pg 1 + reading
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