True Blue Spark (truebluespark) wrote,
True Blue Spark

Oof, been a while since I wrote. Kinda had a "meh" day today, so I'll just post my five and call it a night. Hopefully tomorrow I can go into more detail about the past week.

1) Had the whole day to rest at home.
2) Got up at 7:00, and my computer was not soaking wet as I had earlier dreamed.
3) Did some sorting around of files on my computer, installed a couple of programs, and put a new background into my PDA.
4) Introduced to a new RP that looks fun. I'm going to take it slow, as I'm still trying to get back into CFUD and Gate, but I will probably put in an application there soon.
5) Can look forward to receiving a paycheck tomorrow, and there'll be enough to pay two bills and one debt I owe to my wonderful girlfriend.
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