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Inventor's Log
The Life, Times, Thoughts, and Works of a Creative Young Man
Sadly, the plans to visit Mom and Dad today fell through. Oh, well. We'll get together some other time before the holidays, and today I can get the laundry done and do a bit of grocery shopping.

Five things for yesterday:

1) Made it through a mildly frustrating work shift.
2) Continued the Gate scene from Saturday.
3) Tracked down a couple of songs I'd been having trouble getting.
4) Installed CoH and WoW again, after clearing off enough HD space for them. Of course, I don't yet have the money to spare to reopen my accounts. But that'll come eventually.
5) Figured out the problem I was having with audio while my DVD drive was running. Turns out the drive must be a bit bad; when I use the DVD-RW drive, I don't get the audio skipping.

And now, off to get those chores done.

Feeling: good good

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