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So, I actually spent most of the day today cleaning my apartment. I know, I'm shocked too. So now the place is cleaner than I think it's been since I moved in, and I'm very happy. :D I took pictures, too, but I'm too tired right now to explain them. Got distracted by RP and lost track of time. This post, therefore, will just be a quick five and a link to the pictures, and tomorrow I'll post about the pictures in actual detail.

1) Cleaned up the entire apartment!
2) I need a new external hard drive, and I found just what I'm looking for on Amazon. Now I just need to save up $120.
3) Finally started roleplaying again! Began a scene with shizukun over on GateMUSH, and reminded myself how much fun I've had over there. Now tomorrow's mission is: get myself started returning to CFUD.
4) Just generally used my day off wisely and didn't slack all through it.
5) Work tomorrow, but a short-ish shift, and I don't have to get up early for it.
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