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Inventor's Log
The Life, Times, Thoughts, and Works of a Creative Young Man
Blech. I ended up doing nothing constructive today, just like I always do on my days off. No art, no writing, no anything. And I haven't logged into Gate since last week (thanks for alerting me, by the way, shizukun and shadrad; I did send an @mail to Sauron), or into CFUD since... too long to count.

The day wasn't a total wash, though.

1) Got a paycheck -- and found that my raise has gone through on this one. $0.80 more per hour isn't a lot, but at this point I'll take anything.
2) Paid my web-hosting bill a little early.
3) Only a 4½ hour shift tomorrow, and then I have Saturday off.
4) Did some financial planning and I should actually have a little money to spare after bills come.
5) ...ugh, I'm tired and it's way too late. I'll think of a fifth one tomorrow.

Feeling: melancholy melancholy

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