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For yesterday:

1) Work had its ups and downs, but averaged out to okay.
2) Set up a modest weekly transfer into my savings account so I can finally bring it up from $0.00 again.
3) Figured out exactly when I have to get my brother's old cell phone canceled.
4) Speaking of my brother, got a couple of songs from him that I lost to a hard drive death. (I couldn't find one of them anywhere, so it was a relief that he had it.)
5) Speaking of music (my power of segue is at full-blast tonight!), was linked to a very catchy tune I'd never heard before.

For today:

1) Work was alright and went by relatively fast.
2) Several new ideas for Protection that neatly handle a couple of plot issues. (1: How the Protector figures out the identity of another hero. 2: How Justin realizes he's falling for a castmate.)
3) Starting to work my way through and figure out what music I need to track down again.
4) Work started selling these little cheese danish things that I really like again, after stopping for some reason.
5) Just two more days and then I get a day off.
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