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[Thoughts] Poetic Spam

...okay, this spam e-mail I just got cracks me up.

Aloha, my gentleman

If I had tons of gold, they wouldn't be worth even your single sweet word to
If I had all the clothes in the world, they wouldn't be worth even a single
soft touch of your hands,
If I had a single wish I could make, I would wish to be with you in a
family, friendly and happy family:
Sometimes I wish that it would be better to live in this world without any
feelings, just like robots: Why do we suffer?! Because we have feelings,
emotions, worries, fears, smiles::
I am very lonely, and I would give to you everything I have, just to be with
you, to love and to be loved:If you are also alone, and if you also have
feelings you want to use, to share, to live:please write me to] and I will be happy to get acquainted closer.

Looking forward to hear from you soon

Lana C.

So very poetic. And all those stray colons too. And LOVEYOULOVES DOT COM SLASH THELOVE. Great URL or greatest URL?

...okay, I think I need to sleep. XD
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