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I answer the Snakey Meme of sad_alice now. Why? Because. DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS!

1. What color is you?

2. Do you floss?
When my floss has not been stolen, yes.

3. Has you ever an escape of a mental or ice cream institution?
Okay, so this one time I was trapped in an ice cream place by this crazy super-villain dude, but he blew himself up with a confetti grenade and I freed all the cookie dough from its cruel imprisonment.

4. Where be the remote?
It be stolen by pirates, arrrrr.

5. Does you watch TV a lot?
I am not with the watching of TV at all.

6. Where does you watch it?
On the surface of Jupiter.

7. Does you know how to work the VCR?
I possess a black belt in VCR operation. I can stop a VCR from blinking 12:00 from the OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM SPOOKY.

8. Because I don't. I'm a stupid kinda snake.
Aw, there, there. *pats snake on head* *is bitten*

9. What does you do when you is doing for a living?
I am of the benighted species of college studenting.

10. Is it a fun?
It is THREE funs! Or possibly only one half of a fun.

11. Can there be sammiches now? I am a hungry.
Mmmmm sammiches. Never turning down a sammiches.

12. Who is you best snaky friend?

13. Does they smell okay?
Quite okay.

14. How many numbers can you see?
I can see alllllll the numbers, man...

15. What does Wisconsin feel like?
Gritty. Often wet.

16. Is you a good student?
Who wants to know?

17. What is you saying would be the most of your aspirations in life?
To be the comic maker and book writer and people-laugh-maker.

18. Is you a fatty?

19. Would you be considering going back to Hufflepuff, fatty?
I support Hufflepuff 172.613%. But I am not a fatty.

20. Does your teeth have little sweaters on them?
That would make it hard to chew. And I am hating hairs in my mouth with passion.

21. Who is better, Alan Rickman or Radiohead? A: Alan Rickman.

22. I has answered the last question for you so you does not mess it up.
As if there could be of the slightest doubting.

23. Can you fly?

24. Right now?
... No.

25. Does you have a bitch or bitches?
No, but I am saving up.

26. Who is you bitch(es)?

27. Is you an artist?

28. Is you a furry artist?
Are you asking if I draw furry things, or are you asking if I draw things and have fur on my skin?

29. I spit on you grandmothers.
MEANIE. *cries*

30. But only if you says a yes to number 28.
What if my grandmothers is a furry artist? (They're not.)

31. Who is the cosplayers you want to being like most, including nutty people like Big Dan and Ollie?
I am not knowing enough cosplayers to make the informed decision. My answer is: not Sailor Bubba.

32. Can there be pasta now?
Yes. Pasta and sammiches. ... PASTA SAMMICHES!!!!!!!!!11!1!1one1one

33. How great and super is Sherlock Holmes?
Super great super great. Just ask Kudo Shinichi.

35. If you could being any kind of sea-going creature, what is you being?
I is so being the Giant Squid. It is not for anyone to doubt.

36. Italy: Could there have been another way?
In or out?

37. How old is you?

38. How old isn't you?
< 19 and > 19.

39. An-cay ou-yay ead-ray is-thay?

*ARROWED* Ow, my skin!
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