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[Life] Back After a While

Whew. Tired and not feeling particularly verbose. But it's been ages since I wrote, so I promised Indigo I'd start up my Five Good Things again. Here we go!

1) Work went fairly well, despite being a six-hour shift. (Six hours means only one break; it's only at 6:15 or more that we get a lunch break too.)
2) Got a Valentine/birthday present from Indigo! Chocolates, a new Game Boy Advance game (FF5 :D)...
3) ...and this little sculpture, which is so awesome it deserves its own number. Isn't that cute? And sweet? ♥♥♥♥♥
4) Brought home a bunch of groceries, which I got for not a lot of money. Was planning to spend no more than $40, but it ended up only being $32.
5) Some pleasant RP to close up the evening.

...Almost forgot to post this. Sheesh.
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