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[Life] Lousiness

Wow, have I ever had a mood crash tonight.

Got the bank situation taken care of, more or less. Kipp gave me $60 of what he owes me, and I deposited it. The lady I talked to said that there were two pending overdraw charges, but since it's the first time I've overdrawn since I started there in 2004, she could arrange for one to be waived by Friday.

But it's not like I feel good about that accomplishment. I mean, come on. "Hooray, I managed to minimize the consequences of my dumb mistake."

So I'm in one of those moods where I just don't see the point in anything. Take video games. I've made new characters on a couple servers in Warcraft, so that (the theory goes) I can play with some of my friends from GateMUSH. But whenever I've done that in the past, on WoW or other MMOs, the same thing always happens: I don't have as much time to play the game as the others do, and they inevitably outlevel me before I get a chance to group with them more than once or twice. So why even bother, when I'm never going to get the chance to really be a part of the group?

Speaking of Gate, I've also been feeling blocked role-playing-wise as well. I'm months behind on my logs, and I can't gather up the energy to work on them. And while I have had a couple of fun scenes lately, my scening frequency has dropped like a rock. I used to do something almost every night, but these days I barely RP once a week. I don't have any long-term plans or ideas for three of my characters, and Ishida's long-term plans all hinge on one scene happening first -- a scene that I haven't been able to work up enough enthusiasm to even arrange.

I'm even worse over on YAH MUX. I've been so behind, both in logging in and in actually scening. I never finished a Christmas scene with Orihime, never did the followup we were considering, so now, again, I'm completely without enthusiasm for the Valentine's dance that's going on. Or was going on; by now it's probably over. Why am I considering an app for a second character if I can't do anything with the first?

As always, though, I know once I've gotten some sleep and gotten up in the morning, I won't feel so rotten. Tomorrow is a new day, and I can set aside a little time to clean, level, and brainstorm RP ideas. Ideally, anyway.

1) Got the bank situation taken care of.
2) Got a couple of CDs in the mail from faetan.
3) Managed to wash a handful of dishes.
4) I still have one more day off before I have to work again.
5) Still having fun with FFVI.
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