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[Thoughts] To Be Done

Oops, hadn't realized, but it's been over a week, hasn't it? Unfortunately, I'm pretty tired tonight, so I don't have much of a post in me. But I am going to share my to-do list for tomorrow. ironychan's been doing it for a while, so I thought I'd give it a shot.
  • Before leaving
    • Make appointment for eye exam
    • Call Nintendo regarding EBA replacement
    • Pack up laundry
  • Visit a campus computer lab
    • Print off a Lenscrafters coupon
    • Print off an investment account form
  • Go to the mall
    • EDIT: Find a new pair of black jeans
    • Get haircut
    • Take eye exam, order glasses
  • Stop at shopping plaza
    • Buy 60w light bulbs, poss. other groceries
    • Check Michael's for supplies for CAT-5 bracelet attempt #2
    • Do laundry
  • Come home
    • Finish sorting out bins
    • Wash dishes
Things have been going fairly well lately. Couple of bad days at work, but happily, I have tomorrow through Thursday off. Tomorrow is chore day, obviously; wish me luck!
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