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[Thoughts] Fanfiction Survey

Ack, it's been a while! Must not fall out of the habit I'd started to form! Presenting a meme! I saw this for the first time on wordynessie's journal, quite a while ago. I thought it looked like fun, and now I've finally finished filling it out. Enjoy!

1) Keyboard or biro?

Keyboard, mainly. I do write in my notebooks when I can't get to the computer, but the pages are inevitably riddled with crossouts and insertions and arrows saying "move these sentences over here". Editing it on the computer is far easier.

2) Beta or no beta?

It depends. With my shorter stories, I don't usually look for beta readers before I post them. But if it's going to be a multi-chapter piece, I like to find a friend or two who knows the series and have them look it over.

3) Title?

My titles virtually always come first, and I'm usually proud of them. A few of my in-progress works are, say, 'Untitled' or 'Untitled 01', but most of them have acquired titles by the time I know enough about the story to actually start writing.

I like to play around with the titles. My recent Cheeky Angel fanfic, "Watch Out For Snakes", is named after a quote from the movie "Eegah!" -- which was popularized by a MST3K episode. The quote itself is also often used in animutations. Two more Cheeky Angel fics I have ideas for are named after two They Might Be Giants songs. A Mai-HiME fic I'm working on revolving around the Japanese holiday White Day is titled "White-Out". And a Dark Cloud 2 fic which involves changing the future for the better? "Future Perfect". (That's right, I'm a grammar geek too.)

4) Smushy or smutty?

I'm not sure if I can accept "smush" as a real word. ~_^ But seriously, though, all of my romantic fics are all fluff and mush. I'm not opposed to writing adult fanfics, by any means, but I've just never had any interest in it. All my ideas for stories end up being PG-13 at the highest.

5) Summary?

I kinda enjoy writing summaries. My favorite ones hint at the content of the story without giving away the entire plot. (I also prefer not to do the whole 'CharacterA/CharacterB' listing thing, but instead allude to pairings with the summary itself.) Oh, let me dig through my summaries and find a few that I like...

"To Tell the Truth" (Teen Titans): A team-building exercise dreamt up by Robin leads the Titans to disclose horrific and shocking secrets to each other. Only less "horrific and shocking" and more "really, really silly".

"Mismatch" (Bleach): Orihime's Grand Matchmaking Scheme: Total Success! Ishida-kun and Kuchiki-san have been spending lots of time together lately! So why on earth doesn't she feel more satisfied with her good work?

"Moments Bound" (Dark Cloud 2): Every photograph tells a story, though not all of them are a thousand words long. Max and Monica page through his photo album one night, over a campfire, snacks, and the light of a legendary jewel. Takes place during Chapter 6.

6) Funniest fic?

I'm not sure if I've actually written enough to answer these next few! Uh... I won't count the song parodies I've done, those aren't exactly fanfiction. Mystery Fusion Theater 3000 hasn't held up over time as much as I'd like, so I think the title must go to Hogwarts Inquisition.

7) Most popular fic?

Well, in lieu of actually trying to figure this out via logic, I'm going to rely on the crutch that is FanFiction.Net's stats page. Named After Black Horses got the most reviews, but it was a seven-chapter fic. Green Dress has had the most hits, and Project O.N.E. the most favorites. Cheshire Grin is also ranked fairly high in all of these measures.

I just remembered, though, if you include reviews and hits on other fanfic archive sites, Bludged easily takes first place. That's Harry Potter, though, which is, like, on a different level from all other fandoms.

8) Most fun to write?

Hmm, that's a tough one. I enjoy writing all of my fics -- otherwise I wouldn't. As far as most fun, it's probably a toss-up between my two collections of short fics: 100 Words About 44 Wizards and Short and Sweet. I should get back into the habit of writing drabbles; they're quite fun.

9) Best and worst?

Oof. I think my best released work is my most recent: Green Dress. But my real best work hasn't been shown to anybody yet, because it's still not finished. Ah, well! My worst work... The first version of Inherit the Earth, if it were still posted, would make me cringe. But the rewriting has improved it considerably. My real worst work would probably be Named After Black Horses. It's okay, but it was my first fanfic, and it kinda shows.

10) Coulda been contenders?

Er, I'm not sure what this question is asking. A fanfic I thought was underrated by my readers? Well, I don't have enough readers as a whole to really say. *shrug*

11) Strengths?

Oh, let's see. I'm proud of my dialogue. I think it usually sounds realistic, possibly because I read it aloud to myself as I go. (I live alone, so no worries about sounding weird. :D) And I feel I'm pretty good at making the story flow, and plotting events out in an interesting manner.

12) Weaknesses?

Speed is the main one. It doesn't take me long to write a story when you lump together all the time spent actually writing. But each stretch of writing is separated by long stretches of not writing at all. I also tend to overuse adverbs slightly you get the idea. And it's always difficult for me to fill in the space between the cool scenes that come easily. Other than that, I'm fairly pleased with my writing.

13) Dirty little secrets?

I have... >_> <_< a slash fanfic in the works. F/F, more specifically, as opposed to M/M. It's canonical, though. Well, almost. In canon it's an unrequited crush, and I've always felt in agreement with this quote from copperbadge: "Unrequited love is even better when it ends requited." I won't go any further into detail; that particular fanfic won't get written for a while anyway.

Well, now that I've got that posted, I'm going to hit the hay for real. z_z Been coasting for the past hour or so. Night, world!
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