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[Works] Buzz and 'Bot

Presenting Shay's first art of 2007! Two pics for you to view at your leisure.

Your friend and mine, Justin Forrester, awakening to find himself with a SURPRISE BUZZ CUT. He and his best friend William Harper were roommates all through college, and here we see a snapshot from the prank war that went on early in their sophomore year. (Justin took the term 'sophomoric' to heart, you see, and Will couldn't help but retaliate...)

This was done for the Jan. 5 Illustration Friday, "Buzz". Rather than draw a bee or the like, I went for a less obvious interpretation.

The main character Jenny Wakeman (aka XJ-9), from the Nicktoon "My Life as a Teenage Robot". While I was working the self-scan at work today, I grabbed a blank square of receipt paper and decided to see how well I could draw her from memory. I did pretty well; just have too much mouth space and not enough hair space on her head. (I thought about erasing the guidelines, but decided against it. It is just a sketch, after all.)

Still have to do last week's IlloFri (the 80's), and I'm looking forward to doing this week's (super-hero). All of a sudden I've been feeling artistic today; if I hadn't been so tired when I got home, I'd have drawn more. Hopefully tomorrow!
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