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[Life] Work, Take 450

Wow. Incredibly frustrating day at work today. I know it's bad when I haven't calmed down even after the 15-20 minute bike ride home. Usually by the time I get back to the apartment, I'm able to grin again, but tonight I'm still seething. (Or "was", anyway; after typing this all out, I've calmed down. A little.)

For one, a shift that I was hoping to keep, I didn't. The next week's schedule isn't finalized until Saturday at noon, but yesterday I had a shift listed that I really wanted to keep (because it would let me get home in time for a scene on Gate). So I asked the manager on duty to mark it so they'd keep it that way. And today the shift was changed from 11-3 to 2-9. Yeah, so much for judging the cooking competition.

Then a little before 8:00, we had this little exchange:

[There are very few customers in the store. COWORKER is scheduled to leave at 8:30; SHAY is scheduled to leave at 9:00.]
MANAGER: Hey, Coworker, you want to go home early?
COWORKER: No, not really.
MANAGER: You sure?
MANAGER: OK, fine. Next up... Shay, how about you?
SHAY: Yeah, actually, that sounds good...
COWORKER: Oh! Changed my mind, I'm leaving. [goes]
SHAY: [stays until 9, seethes]

Beyond those two frustrations, it was an average day. More than a few frustrating customers, though, especially at the end of the shift when I was already ticked off. I'm so sick of working there. I vowed today that I would turn in my resignation by the end of the month, no matter what. We'll see how that goes.

Edit: Well, at least the scheduling issues with the cooking competition are (hopefully) worked out now. faetan is a total sweetheart.
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