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[Life] Frustration

Well, got in to work today to find that my next week's schedule had been changed from 30 hours or so to 38 hours or so. I hate that about this job; I never know until the last freaking minute what my schedule is going to look like. And I'm dreading this upcoming week. After such a long vacation, returning to the grind is like dropping into an ice-cold pond. I despise my job, but I'm stuck with it until I find something better.

And then Mom called with unpleasant news from home -- one of my cousins committed suicide last night. Well, that kind of puts things into perspective. It sounds like it was just a spur-of-the-moment mistake; he'd argued with his wife, he was angry and drunk, there was a gun in the house... As cold as it sounds, I really didn't react much, aside from the small sad feeling I get when I hear about anyone dying. I haven't seen the cousin in question since at least 2005, so I suppose it's understandable. But it's a pity.

Well, anyway, five good things about the day.

1) Work ended.
2) Having the support of my wonderful girlfriend.
3) Having the support of my mom and dad.
4) Having the support of my friends online.
5) Having a plate of dinner in front of me.

Yeah, I know, I'm reaching.
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