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Freaky Dream Journal Time!

I just got up after quite a weird dream, and I feel I ought to share it with all of you before I forget. So here goes.

Apparently, in this dream, my mother and I were international jewel thieves, ala Diabolik or the Kaitou Kid. We snuck into this half-built two-story house in the middle of nowhere (with a few people still working on it) and found three huge jewels -- two rubies, one emerald. They were all shaped like the diamonds in the NES game "Ducktales", except one of the rubies had a hole through it. We used the three jewels in the basement to open a secret door to a secret room. This was a very unimpressive secret room; all there was, really, was a garage door at one end. One of the construction workers opened the garage door and Mom talked him into ignoring us while I wandered around.

So after that we were at my house for some reason. We still had the jewels, and Mom was making me pack to go back to my dorm room. Most of what I was packing was video game stuff; I explained to Mom in great detail why I was packing what I did. Suddenly I thought to myself, "Wait, I never left my dorm in the first place, did I?" Then I opened my eyes and found out I was right.

Sometimes I really love my brain.
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