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[Life] Brand New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! Haven't written in a while, because I've been busy flying to Atlanta to meet up with indigoskynet (). The weekend's been rather less than busy, what with my catching a mild sickness the day before I came, and I never did get to meet up with shadrad and her friends like I'd been hoping. But we've still had a really nice time, and I'll be sad to go home tomorrow.

Can't think of a lot of specifics, so I'll just do a general Five Good Things for the entire weekend.

1) Got to ring in the new year with my sweetheart, Indigo (♥♥♥).
2) Indigo gave me a digital camera as a late Christmas present! (Only late because we couldn't get together on Christmas, obviously.) And she really liked the Munny I got for her.
3) Had a fun time at the New Year's party last night, with all of Indigo's friends. (Well, obviously not all, we couldn't fit that many people in an entire hotel.)
4) The weekend as a whole was relaxing and pleasant. Since I wasn't feeling well, we basically spent all of it in Indi's apartment resting and chatting and watching TV and just spending time together. What could be wrong with that?
5) New Year's resolutions. I've got a rough idea in my head, but I want to get them down on paper and think them out before I share them. But I do have a good feeling about 2007
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