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[Life] Not Much

*adheres "I Voted" sticker to journal*

Happened to glance down Forrester Labs' stats page, and found a few people hot-linking to my icons without credit. So I made up a little anti-hot-link icon and set up some .htaccess code to block out Xanga (here and here), MySpace, and Gaia Online, since they seem to be the worst offenders). I'm pleased with it; it's not obnoxious or obscene, it only takes up 1KB of bandwidth, and it lets people know about my site.

Aside from that, it's been a lousy day. Haven't really accomplished anything, and Indi and I are both kinda in the dumps tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

...What is this 'hopefully' crap? No. Shay, tomorrow you will drag your rear end out of bed and make it a good day.

*blink* That was a bit unexpected. Well, we'll see.
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