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[Life] Progress Made

It's looking to be a good week. Got four days off in a row -- originally just Tue-Thu, but I gave my Mon shift to a new guy who only had 8 hours for the week. On Monday I made a tiny bit of job-hunt progress and had a nice chat with my mom. Then yesterday, I got my colored laundry done and dragged home a bunch of groceries to refill the fridge. (I have things to eat now! Yay!)

And today I actually got up right at 9:00, when my alarm went off. So I was all showered + dressed + breakfasted before noon, which is... far less common than it should be. ^_^() I think my main task for the day will be... dishwashing.

Oh, and in between my getting stuff done, I've also had time to play more City of Heroes. Got my main up to level 24 the other day (EDIT: scratch that, just hit 25 :D), and I've basically just been doing missions and trick-or-treating with him and a couple other alts since. Thinking of proposing a GateMUSH supergroup, since there's one for VL/M3 that I've heard sees very little activity. Need to remember to post on the community about it. EDIT: And done. (Just linking for future reference.)

(And my global name is @ShayCaron, so please feel free to friend me. :D)

Think that's it for now. Planning CoH, dishwashing, and then a bit of Gate RP in the evening. (Ranma's made it to the semifinals of the fighting tournament he entered!) Later!
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