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[Thoughts] GateMUSH App

And just for the heck of it, in relation to the previous post: here's a clip from the app I'd send in if GateMUSH gave us all a fifth alt slot. (Hey, City of Heroes just brought in a quest for a fifth costume slot, maybe this isn't out of the realm of possibility either...)

    Name: Justin Forrester
  Gender: Male
  Source: Original Character
 Faction: IPA
   Group: None
Function: Inventor and Superhero
   Quote: "First rule in a fight: if your opponent knows where you are, you're
           not moving fast enough."

        Justin Forrester has gone through a lot of changes in his 22 years of
life. Bright and determined, he showed an astonishing aptitude for inventing
from the first day he could lift a wrench. And when his grandfather taught him
martial arts in high school, he took to that with equal skill and enthusiasm.
But the biggest change came not long ago, when he was shot in a bank robbery.
Infuriated at his inability to fight off the crooks, Justin set to building a
series of gadgets that would help him take out criminals, complementing his
already considerable fighting skills. He tracked down and defeated the thugs
who'd taken his money -- and having quite enjoyed the chase and fight, he
decided to fight crime on a regular basis, as a superhero known only as the

        Gadgeteering, Martial Arts, Mostly-Sane Science, All That and I'm
        Good-Looking Too!, My Whole Body's a Weapon, But I Brought These Too
        Just in Case, Practiced Junkyard Scrounger, Not Where You Think He Is,
        Inability to Put Up With Stupidity, Hit Hard, Hit Fast, Hit Where It
        Hurts, How Does That All Fit in His Bracers Anyway?, Plays Fair When
        He Can, Ruthless When He Must, Inexplicably Good With Children, Gets
        Knocked Down, Gets Up Again, Never Going to Be Kept Down, Incredibly
        Stubborn, Pissing Me Off Will Be the Last Mistake You Make
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