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Shay Caron, FictionAlley Author

My Harry Potter/Monty Python story, Hogwarts Inquisition, is now up on Riddikulus! When it first went up, the entire thing was in bold, but I sent an e-mail to an admin and it was fixed quite swiftly. *grin*

And speaking of HP fanfiction, here's an idea I had the other night. It's pretty much a guest chapter in the style of BasilM's Harry and Ginny Chronicles. I'm imagining Harry at the Burrow before sixth year, annoyed with the various Weasley brethren, who are pranking and joking with him in an attempt to make him feel better. So to prank them back, he plots with Ginny, saying loudly, "Let's go find a nice private place to kiss in peace." Harry and Ginny run and hide and end up alone in her room and... So, yeah.

Finally, I've decided to change the way I do things around here ("here" being this LiveJournal). From this point forward, I'll make it a sketch journal, attempting to include at least one image with each post. Today you get an old drawing I did of the Black Mage from Final Fantasy.

[Black Mage preparing a FIRE spell]

I promise next post I'll have drawn something new.
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