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[Life] D*C 06

Here I go again, forgetting I have this thing. ^_^() I'm back home from Atlanta! Have been since Monday, actually. Just been settling into the new place again (yay), getting back to work (bleh), and getting used to not being with Indigo (more bleh).

Dragon*Con was a lot of fun! A large part of the fun, really, was getting to see Indigo again, but the panels and everything were worth the trip too. The one panel that stands out in my mind was about getting into the computer game business; they had some really good advice, including some tips that would work for any industry or pursuit, really. Then there were the two webcomic panels Indigo was on. Those were cool, and I can't help thinking I'd like to be on the other side of the table myself. Maybe I should try to get Protection up and running again. Or even Voice of Machines, or maybe Terra Guardian, Possessive, Rollover, Initial Fantasy, Odd Ones Out...

Boy. It suddenly occurs to me that I have a lot of comic ideas.

And then there's the dealer room and artist's alley. I spent more than I probably should have, but I got some neat stuff out of it, so all is well. Finally have the first NeverNever collection, which I've wanted for ages. And there was a cool stuffed gryphon, too, and a stuffed D20 (bahaha). And I got a cool Bleach wallscroll, which is still at Indigo's apartment on account of it not fitting in my luggage.

There's a whole lot more I could say about the weekend, but I'm getting pretty tired now, and I do have work tomorrow. So I shall vanish until the morrow.
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