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[Life] And In Less Absurd News...

I'm heading to Atlanta tomorrow! Yeah, that's right, I only just got back from my internet-free hiatus and now I'm leaving again. To be honest, I lost track of time and it completely snuck up on me. ^_^() Well, it's going to be really nice to see indigoskynet again.

Apologies to everyone RP-wise for my continued absence -- especially shadrad, to whom I promised a scene, but never showed. Just haven't been able to get back into the RP groove yet. Should be able to by the time I get back.

Well, I've gotta call it a night soon, or I'll miss the bus to the airport. Bye for now!
Tags: [life], people: indigo, rp: gatemush, times: dragon*con, topics: roleplaying
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