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[Works] No, I Don't Know Where This Came From Either

Osaka spun her staff in dizzying circles, over and over, as her oversized black mage hat tilted down over her eyes. "Ultimate Summon..." she chimed in her customary airy voice. "Namako..."

A sea cucumber materialized from nowhere, splatting into the final boss's face. -1 HP The hideous demon stared for a moment, then laughed evilly. "Ha!" it growled. "Is that all you can --"

The end of the staff struck the ground, and in that same spacey voice, Osaka completed the spell. "...Senmankai."

"-- Wait, what?"

And as the rest of the party watched in astonishment, the hail of sea cucumbers began.
Tags: [works], anime/manga: azumanga daioh, topics: anime, works: drabbles, works: fanfiction
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