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[Life] Updates

To those on my list who are Americans and/or living in America and/or like America anyway: Happy Fourth of July! To those who aren't, well... happy July 4th, I guess?

So, what's up with me lately?

* I got a new bike! My old one was stolen from me some weeks ago, so I was reduced to taking the bus to and from work again. Pretty annoying, especially when the buses are twenty minutes apart rather than the ten they usually are.

But I finally got around to searching for a new one, and found one at Target for only $54! Of course, I had to get new grips and a better seat, since the ones that came with it were super uncomfortable. But it still came in at under $100, all told. So now I can get to work without being at the whims of the bus schedule. Unless it rains.

* I finally made some headway into cleaning! About a third of the dishes, namely. Going to work on the rest after work. (Yeah, I work tonight. No big deal, really, it's not like I was planning anything big. Maybe I'll get holiday pay, even.)

* That's... pretty much it, honestly.

[insert clever closing comment here]
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