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[Life] Dwelling Space

So, I've decided that I don't want to be thrown out onto the street come mid-August. Apart from anything else, it'd be hard to find an outlet to plug my computer into. So I'm doing the standard apartment hunt. Call places, find that they're full, call places, find that they're too costly, lather rince repeat. *sagenod*

It's kind of annoying. I'd really prefer to live alone, since all of my roommate situations since 2004 have been less than ideal. But even the studio apartments average $475-$500 a month, and a little over $400 is all I can stretch my budget to handle. I saw a tiny efficiency apartment yesterday that was $350, but there's only a shared kitchen on the floor, plus the room itself is half the size of my current bedroom. I'd go mad of claustrophobia within a month.

Maybe I need a better job. (No, I definitely need a better job.) Well, I'll keep looking tomorrow.

In other news, I received an IM an hour ago simply saying "hello." from someone called "jeremycrawfordj2000". I was curious about who that was, so I did a quick Google search, and -- holy cow, I think I've heard of this guy. He's even got an LJ community devoted to him! I feel absurdly honored, as if I really count as a fanfiction author now. Not honored enough, mind you, to actually respond in any way. I do not feed the trolls, and I only write request fanfic for people I know are cool.
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