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[Life] Back in Roleplaying Action

OK, so. I didn't get accepted to Mega Man MUSH. I was a bit depressed about that at first; the rejection, encouraging though it was, came at the same time I had a lot of school trouble, so it was hard for me to take the constructive criticism.

I have made a full and total recovery. How? GateMUSH.

You may not know the name; I seem to recall hearing it's only a few months old. But I poked my head in as a guest a couple weeks ago, and I was, more or less, instantaneously hooked. It helped that when I was considering applying for Ishida Uryuu (of Bleach fame), the second time I logged in I came in on a conversation about him. So now I'm playing Ishida-kun, and I've seen or had scenes with (at last count) 9 other Bleach characters, Envy from FMA, Naraku from Inuyasha, Reiji from Gate Keepers, and Dauragon Mikado, who I believe is the end boss from the game The Bouncer. That's right, this is a damn weird MUSH. And it's freaking hilarious.

I mean, seriously. Look at these scenes. If you know anything at all about Bleach, especially check out scene 7 (a scene which is actually in progress at this very moment). It has Tatsuki putting Byakuya in a headlock. I'm completely serious., port 5301, in case you want to check it out. (You know you do.)

OK, that is all for now. I'll post more about my spring break after class tomorrow. And maybe I'll post the almost-finished Cyber Peacock app I'm doing for M3. Later!

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