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[Life] Class Ups and Class Downs

We got our first exam back in my CSE class. I got 94% on it! I'm a bit annoyed at myself for the silly mistakes that lost me 6 points, but on the whole I'm quite pleased with the grade. The rest of the class was pretty darn uninteresting; we did growth functions, which have always kinda bored me. (Although one of the three notations is called "Big O", which is amusing.) Then we went into a review of middle-to-high-school math. But it did get a bit interesting at the end, where we attempted to prove or disprove various theorems about prime numbers.

Then in calculus, we had the second exam of four. Which I BOMBED. Don't... really want to talk about it. Worst of the first three exams is dropped, so if I really bust my ass, it is still mathematically possible for me to get a 4.0 in the class. Most likely I'll stumble through with a 2 or 3.

And finally, I have nothing interesting to say about statistics. Except that I need to finish the homework that's due Wednesday.

Tomorrow my only class is arts & humanities, but we have our second exam in there. I'm fairly confident about it. Just need to reread the chapters in question and download the review sheet from the class site. And then after class tomorrow I have to work for 7 hours. -_- Fun.

In Wells Hall, near my calculus classroom, there is an elevator. And there's a sign next to the elevator that says "In case of fire, use stairway". Which is fine enough. Only we're on the first floor. Maybe it's just me, but if there is a fire, I don't think I want to be using the elevator or the stairway at all. I want the exit.

Have tweaked Scraps' application just a bit (see two posts ago, if you're confused). I've also been reading some old logs (particularly this one, showcasing a battle of hackers), and now I really want to play Cyber Peacock. If Scraps gets turned down, I'll apply for Cyber instead. If I get in as Scraps, I'll try for Cyber once I've been there a while -- and once I'm sure I can handle two characters. ^_^()

Just went down to finally pick up a package sent by... I believe sabrebabe? A couple jars of blueberry jam for me and indigoskynet when she visits in March (eeeeeee♥). It looks tasty; how nice of her to send it. ^_^ And apparently there is a "Mike Nelson" living here at my apartment building. [laugh] Not the same one, I would hazard, but still neat.

Right now I'm going to take my laundry down to the washers. Then I plan to start some dinner, log into M3, and do a bit of programming, before I review the reading for tomorrow's exam and work on stat HW. I'm going to make sure I use the rest of the evening properly.
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