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[Life] Uneventful in a Good Way

[yawn] Slow day today. Just had one class (arts & humanities), and the teacher let us go a half-hour early, because I guess he'd covered everything he needed to. So I came home, and I've been home since then.

Been doing some cleaning. I've gotten a good... two thirds of the dishes done, and I'm probably going to start some laundry in a few minutes (if I can work up the energy to go all the way down to the laundry room). (Oh, and I did finally end up just buying some more socks. Hopefully these'll last more than a few months. [chuckle]) So all in all, a well-spent if uneventful day.

Oh, yes. I did a bit of roleplaying (dipped my toe into dear_multiverse as a couple people), and am working up the nerve to log into Mega Man MUSH and ask for opinions on the application I've put together. If there's anyone on my list who's familiar with M3 (I only know of bzarcher, but who knows, there might be others), I'd love to get your thoughts too. Here's the application. (And here's a really old drawing of my character.)

I have no idea how to end this post, so I'll just let it trail off here. Sorry. ^_^()
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