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[Life] Another Beginning and Further Resolve

Hey, everyone! Happy New Year! Well, for those of you in the applicable time zones, anyway. I haven't really made any official resolutions, but I do have some things in mind for the upcoming months.

  • Update Forrester Labs more often. Ideally I'd like to have an update of some kind (even if it's really tiny) every day, but I'll settle for at least one a week.

  • Get the apartment clean and keep it clean. I finished cleaning up the kitchen a couple days ago, and I've managed to keep it clean (a minor miracle). And the bedroom's coming along fairly well; all my clean clothes are hung up in the closet. Just need to chip away at it, a little at a time. ^_^

  • Write more and draw more. It's been ages since I wrote any fiction (fan or original) or drew any art. I promised indigoskynet I'd do Art By the Inch, but I didn't manage it in November. So I'm going to try it this month.

  • Increase my generosity. Donate to worthy causes more often, basically. (theartema linked over here, for example. I think my apartment could do with a new print or two on the walls. *chuckle*)

  • Do as well or better in school. I'm going to talk in more detail about school later, but I'll say now that I did fairly well in classes during the fall semester. I haven't signed up for spring semester yet (need to talk to a counselor and figure out the CS degree requirements), but I think if I get that taken care of and take the lessons I've learned so far to heart, I'll be able to surpass the fall semester by the time May rolls around. Who knows, I might even do well enough to win my merit scholarship back!

  • Find a new job. Right now I work at a grocery store, which just isn't working out. This is going to be a 40-hour week for me, and thinking about it earlier today very nearly made me want to claw my eyes out. I need a job at a bookstore. Or failing that, some other retail place where I don't have to deal with carts packed full of cold and/or wet and/or heavy groceries.

  • Keep up with LJ, both posting and commenting. 'Cause you guys are just great. <3's to all y'all!

Hope 2006 treats you all as well as you deserve (which is to say, very very well). ^_^ Later!
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