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[Life] Built Up, Broken Down

Well, so much for THAT.

I got out of the apartment at 11:30 or so, intending to get rent paid. Kipp went back to Marshall until tonight, so last night he gave me one of his graduation checks (for $500) and signed it, saying I should get it cashed and pay his half of the rent with it. I wasn't sure the bank would do that, but I figured it would work out. This was my first mistake.

The bank won't cash it or put it in my account. They can put it in Kipp's account, but that wouldn't help me any, since I wouldn't be able to pay rent with it if it was there. Not that I can anyway. The guy at the housing office said the best thing I could do is post-date the check for tomorrow or Sunday, so I did that, but I had to add on the $25 late fee because of that. (Which I am NOT covering, just to make things clear.)

It would've been nice if I could have talked to Kipp to work this out somehow. You know, if he had some sort of phone, maybe one that ran on cellular networks? I've called him fifteen times and he hasn't answered once.

Oh, but I haven't gotten to the best part yet. After all that happened, I looked at the clock -- just about 1:00. I thought to myself, "Hey, at least I still have time to talk to an advisor about returning to school." So I went over to the Undergraduate University Division to see someone.

And there's a sign on the door. "We're sorry, but the advisors will not be available today from 8:00 to 2:30." So I could see someone at 2:30, if I wasn't scheduled to start my shift at work then.

God damn it, this is NOT what I needed. Especially after the minor breakdown I had last night.

Okay, right after I wrote all of the above, Mom called me up. I told her how the day was going and she offered to help (just this once) with the rent thing. So I'm going to the office to see what we can work out. Maybe the day won't be a total bust after all.

I'll write more later.

Edit: Okay, and Kipp just called back too. So I'm a bit calmer now.

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