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[Life] Text Message Romance

me: Please allow me a moment to whine. Ahem. I'm tired and I wanna go home. ._.
her: Awwwww <3 only a little while left, heart of mine.
me: *kiss* You always seem to be able to cheer me up, dear heart.
her: Ooh, that means I'm girlfriending properly!
me: *giggle* Never heard girlfriend used as a verb before! I trust I've been boyfriending properly so far?
her: Gold medals, gold stars, all the time. You are all I could ask for. A dream I don't want to wake from.
me: Oh, wow. *blush* You sure know how to make my heart swell.
her: Well, I just had to call it like I see it, you know that.
me: And you wonder what you did to make me fall for you.

I love this woman.

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